Big Buddies Scene 1

Photo of Big Buddies Scene 1
Photo of Big Buddies Scene 1

Alone in his studio apartment, muscle-toned Theo Ford strips down to his COLT Collection briefs to enjoy the benefits of living alone. Lounging on the sofa Theo lowers his briefs to sensuously stroke his swollen uncut cock. It isn't long before Theo's hands begin an exploration of their own and soon Theo is bent over on all fours, teasing his own sweet man-hole with gently probing fingers. Stroking and probing edge Theo closer and closer to a boiling point. Up on his knees Theo leans back and lets his throbbing meat shoot a nut busting load, groaning and grunting to his heart's content.

Categories: Ass Play, Fingering, Hairy, Jerking Off, Solo, Uncut
Details: Jun 18, 2015 20 min
Photo of Theo Ford
Theo Ford

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