Timberline Scene 3

Photo of Timberline Scene 3
Photo of Timberline Scene 3

Seeking relief from the heat, muscle-brut Liam Magnuson takes refuge under the shade of the TIMBERLINE. Shirt unbuttoned and muscled torso exposed, Liam’s hands begin to wander, naturally drawn to the growing bulge down below. Unzipping his fly, Liam pulls out his hefty piece of man-meat giving his idle hands plenty to keep them occupied. Clothes fall away as Liam indulges in a muscle flexing, cock stroking session of self pleasure. Settling into a groove Liam jackhammers his big cock to an explosive, dick draining load.

Categories: Jerking Off, Men, Outdoors, Solo
Details: Jul 1, 2014 15 min
Photo of Liam Magnuson
Liam Magnuson

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