Men of Summer Scene 1

Photo of Men of Summer Scene 1
Photo of Men of Summer Scene 1

A quiet night at home reading a book just doesn't seem to be cutting it for athletic hunk Ray Han. Flipping through the pages, Ray gives up on his reading and turns his attention to something a lot more exciting. Reaching in his pants Ray begins stroking his large uncut cock and finds his boredom easily remedied. Stripping down Ray gets his long shaft throbbing in no time. Gently tugging at his juicy foreskin and stroking it over the head of his glistening cock gets Ray all hot and bothered. Getting up to his knees Ray arches his back and leans forward, exposing his tight hot hole for his fingers to explore. Before long Ray's stroking gets serious. Harder and faster he hammers his cock as a deep down tension begs for release, gushing to the surface in a white hot load.

Categories: Big Dick, Fingering, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Solo
Details: Mar 17, 2015 17 min
Photo of Ray Han
Ray Han

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