Boy Country Scene 2

Photo of Boy Country Scene 2
Photo of Boy Country Scene 2

A crowd of young Buckshot studs gather for a summertime bar-b-cue, but the sexual tension between sexy Arthur Gordon and super hunk Matthais Vannelli is creating too much heat. All eyes follow as these guys break away from the crowd for some one-on-one guy action down by the water.

Tight bubble butts and raging hard cocks are greedily devoured in the glorious summer sun. Bent over a nearby rock Arthur gets his firm muscle-butt eaten and plowed. Matthais splits that ass like a chisel through stone, pentrating his spike deep into Arthur’s tough and hungry butt. Rock hard muscles, raging hard cocks, it’s hard to tell where the rock ends and the flesh begins.

Categories: Anal, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 25 min
Photo of Arthur Gordon
Arthur Gordon
Photo of Matthias Vannelli
Matthias Vannelli

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