Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 2

Photo of Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 2
Photo of Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 2

Tommy DeFendi Tops Corey Martin - Face down in the middle of a field and stripped down to just his jockstrap, young buck Corey Martin has all of his limbs, including his cock and balls, firmly tied and staked to the ground by Ranch-hand Dayton O'Connor. Two hours later Dayton then tells top-stud Tommy DeFendi where his boy is staked out. Tommy walks across the field to his staked out boy and inspects Corey's tight bubble ass that is starting to burn in the sun. Tommy pulls out his cock and takes a leak right in front of his helpless boy’s face. Then Tommy gets ready to put this boy to work. Loosening the arms, Tommy allows Corey to rise up to his knees to suck on that massive fuck-tool he’s got swinging between his legs. Corey opens wide and takes a jaw-breaking mouthful of swollen hard cock. The better this boy sucks cock, the more Tommy is inclined to loosen the restraints, giving his boy more freedom to get down and dirty all over his cock.

As his boy rises to his feet, Tommy is pleased to see his boy is packing some major meat of his own. Taking his turn on his knees he shows his admiration for that huge tool with some deep-throat service. Turning on a dime, Tommy gets in the driver’s seat. He bends his boy over and he takes that ass like a top that means business. Corey takes every inch of that monster fuck-pole. Deep and to the hilt Tommy splits that ass in two. Jacking his well-oiled gun as his ass gets plowed; Corey is ready to shoot a fiery load. On his knees he jacks it out into the dirt while from above Tommy drenches his boy in a much needed bath of cum.

Categories: Anal, Bondage, Boys, Jockstraps, Oral, Outdoors, Water Sports
Details: Jul 1, 2014 27 min
Photo of Corey Martin
Corey Martin
Photo of Tommy DeFendi
Tommy DeFendi

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