California Boys Scene 4

Photo of California Boys Scene 4
Photo of California Boys Scene 4

In need of a morning pick-me-up, young cutie Jessie Jordan heads straight to the kitchen for his morning cup of java. Wearing only a tee shirt, Jessie shows off his flexibility by stretching his muscles. He gives hairy hunk Hayden Michaels a revealing look at his hot ass and ample package as Hayden joins him in the kitchen. Taking the hint, Hayden makes his move. Lifting him up onto the kitchen counter, Hayden gives Jessie a true morning wake-up as he deep throats every inch of Jessie’s oversized cock. Jessie returns the favor and gives Hayden’s thick piece of morning wood a work-out. With his big cock wet and throbbing, Hayden turns Jessie around to slide his thick piece in Jessie’s hot butt. Jessie makes good use of his flexible legs and rides his ass on Hayden’s big cock. Hayden reaches around and strokes Jessie’s meat as Jessie jacks off Hayden’s cock with his hot boy hole. Climbing up on the counters and making good use of the kitchen stools, Jessie takes a pounding in a variety of creative, ass splitting positions. “Fuck Me! Don’t stop” Jessie moans, jacking a thick load from his cum swollen balls as Hayden pumps his ass. Jessie’s boy load is still flying through the air when Hayden hits his climax. Pulling out he shoots a geyser of cum, covering Jessie in both of their steamy hot boy loads.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Hairy, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 24 min
Photo of Hayden Michaels
Hayden Michaels
Photo of Jessie Jordan
Jessie Jordan

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